Project Description

MIG/MAG DKMB40KD Air-Cooled CO2/Mixed Shielded Welding Torch
380A CO2/ 360A Mixed Gas, Duty Cycle 60% Wire Diameter: 1.0-2.4mm
Rear Connector
Euro Connector
1set/box neutral packing, 5sets/Carton Box
Welding Gas Nozzle/ CO2 Torch Nozzle
DA4001 145.0046
Nozzle Cylindrical
DA4002 145.0079
Nozzle Conical
DA4003 145.0127
Nozzle Tapered
Welding Contact Tip / Torch Tip
DB4001 140.0313
Contact Tip E-CU M8*30*1.0mm
DB4002 140.0442
Contact Tip E-CU M8*30*1.2mm
DB4003 140.0587
Contact Tip E-CU M8*30*1.6mm
DB4004 141.0008
Contact Tip E-CU M8*30*1.0Amm
DB4005 141.0015
Contact Tip E-CU M8*30*1.2Amm
DB4006 141.0022
Contact Tip E-CU M8*30*1.6Amm
Welding Torch Liner
DC4001 124.0026
Red Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm, 3m
DC4002 124.0031
Red Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm, 4m
DC4003 124.0035
Red Steel Liner 1.0-1.2mm, 5m
DC4004 124.0041
Yellow Steel Liner 1.6mm,3m
DC4005 124.0042
Yellow Steel Liner 1.6mm,4m
DC4006 124.0044
Yellow Steel Liner 1.6mm,5m
DC4007 124.0051
Green Steel Liner 2.0-2.4mm,3m
DC4008 124.0053
Green Steel Liner 2.0-2.4mm,4m
DC4009 124.0055
Green Steel Liner 2.0-2.4mm,5m
Welding Torch Spare Parts: Gas Diffuser, Tip Holder, Swan Neck
DD4001 142.0021
Contact Tip Holder
Gas Diffuser
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