Project Description

Plasma Cutting Torch CB70 Compatible for Cebora
70 Amps @ 60% Duty Cycle Cutting Capacity: 20mm Max(most materials) Gas: Single Air Flow: 180 litres per minute
Rear Connector
Central Connector, 1/8 BSP
1set/box neutral packing, 5sets/Carton Box
Plasma Cutting Spare Parts: Torch head, Tip, Electrode, Swirl Ring, Gas Diffuser, Nozzle Rtaining Cap
1. C1351
Torch Head -Hand
2. C1349
Torch Head – Machine
3. C3160067
O-Ring – Torch Head
4. C3065204
5. C1402
6. C1510
Swing Ring
7. C1309
Tip 0.9mm – 35 Amp
Tip 1.0mm – 50 Amp
Tip 1.2mm – 70 Amp
8. C1305
Cutting Tip 1.0mm – Concial
9. C1368
Extended Electrode Hafnium
10. C1366
Extended Tip 0.9mm – 35 Amp
Extended Tip 1.0mm – 50 Amp
Extended Tip 1.2mm – 70 Amp
11. C5.710.171
Nozzle Retaining Cap
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